Company profiles

GUYUAN TYRE was duly incorporate under the laws of China in the year 2016 as a limited liability company and is situated in Qingdao. Qingdao is an important port of North China, which gives the company easy access to its export logistics.

Toughness and durability are built into the compound of our solid tire. To make sure the work gets done on time and on budget. You need to get the most value out of the money you invest in your people and your equipment by finding innovative ways to work more efficiently and more productively. You need to minimize costly downtime and increase tons per hour. You need us.

Our company's strong commitments to quality and fast delivery are cornerstones upon which our successful business is based. All tires and rubber products manufacturing is carried out under the strictest controls to ensure maximum quality and safety in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

Thanks for choosing us and you will find you worth it!

The enterprise culture

Rolltah believes in corporate success by cultivating an atmosphere of fun and productivity in the workplace at the same time. Given the low margins of the tyre industry, the company's biggest differentiator is its employees and their creativity — people willing to stretch and innovate to achieve what is often considered impossible by others!

Our company’s heritage is built on performance, teamwork and continuous learning which is why we invest in training employees to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to perform at the next level. The company’s transparent and merit derived reward and recognition programs acknowledge both team and individual performers across the company, often leading to sharing of best practices across functions and geographies.